Cast Iron Stoves of Distinction



Please phone Keith Leeves on 01323 484132 or 07770 355807 for opening times

Foundry Certificated
by "ISO" for Quality

Cast from Iron-Ore,
Not Scrap Metal

Heavy Duty Construction &
Long Durability

Attractive Old World
Traditional Looks

Ultra Modern
Stove Technology

01323 484132

07770 355807


Longlife stoves have been tested, approved and certified to BS EN13240: 2001 standard by the UK's only licenced testing centre.

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General Warning.

The stoves illustrated on this site are the real McCoy, designed by Bernard Davis (1932-2005). There are look-alike and copy-stoves on the market. But these stoves, particularly the copy-stoves - because they are copies - are usually appreciably smaller; often of lighter construction and frequently, in spite of claims to the contrary, cast from inferior scrap.

Buying an ‘internet stove’ is like buying a pig in a poke. You are never really sure of what you are going to get: product quality, after-sales-service, advice, spare-parts availability.  Such stoves are sent unchecked direct to the purchaser in the (Chinese) box and crate they were imported in. The vendor has no idea of the condition of the product because no pre-delivery inspection has taken place. In our opinion, only the desperate and the foolish buy a stove blind. The wise do their homework and make a point of looking at the actual stove they intend to buy.

There are reputable stove-vendors with an internet presence but a slick web-site is no guarantee that the organization behind it is reputable.


  A Longlife Stove at the test centre undergoing

  BS EN13240 combustion efficiency testing.